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The purpose of this brief is to sensitize and give you a brief insight to the  journey of Botswana Unified Local Government Servants Association (BULGSA) till it underwent the process of name change to Botswana Land Boards and Local Authorities Workers Union (BLLAWU).  However this brief would not give a day by day account or history, but will pick some triumphant and painful moments in the life of BULGSA.

At first it was Bechuanaland Junior Tribal Employees Association which was registered before independence and later transformed into a Union sometimes in 1970 but duly registered as Botswana Local Government workers union on the 15th January 1971 under Trade union Act 24 of 1969. Things changed again when Government prohibited public servants to form Unions and this change of events saw the Botswana Local Government Workers union giving birth to Botswana Unified Local Government Service Association in 1974 under ULGS Act and now is Botswana Land Boards and Local Authorities Workers Union (BLLAWU).


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