Union Profile


Botswana Lands Boards Local Authorities and Health Workers Union (BLLAHWU), formerly Botswana Unified Local Government Service Association (BULGSA) is a duly registered Trade Union pursuant to Trade Unions and Employers Organisations Act and duly recognized by the employer being Directorate of Public Service Management on behalf of the Government through a collective agreement in the form of recognition agreement. The Union was established in 1972 as a progressive Union and the culture prevails continuously. BLLAHWU as a growing Union currently has +-13 000 members, with thirty three (33) branches country wide, six (6) Regions, the Head office in Gaborone, Commerce Park and Regional offices in Francistown, Palapye, Ramotswa, Mabutsane, and Ghantsi.

The Union BLLAHWU exists fundamentally to protect, advance and deepen workers’ rights and bargain for improvements of workers conditions of service and welfare. Further to strive for social justice.

The Unions bank with First National Botswana, its Attorneys are Moahi Attorneys and the Auditors are Duncan Littlefield Auditors.

BLLAHWU is affiliated to Botswana Federation of Public Sector Union, Public Service International(BOFEPUSU), and AMALGUN and enjoys bi lateral relations with a number of Unions in Africa.

BLLAHWU cherish and respect relations with its stakeholders and partnership and believes in serving its members and partners with sheer excellence.


In relation to the Union per se;

  • To secure total organization of all eligible members employed in the public service
  • To build a democratic worker –controlled and membership centered organization based on membership participation on policy formulation, decision making, and implementation;
  • To facilitate and/or coordinate the acquisition of a diversity of knowledge and skills through training in order to empower members for meaningful participation in the Union.

In relation to workers;

  • To bargain with the employer on the following matters; remuneration and other terms and conditions of employment, including the physical conditions under which employees are required to work; employment benefits; employment policies concerning inter alia, the recruitment, appointment, training, transfer, promotion, suspension, discipline, and dismissal;
  • To strive for just standards of living, social and economic security/justice, and fair conditions of work for workers;
  • Understanding how the economy of the Country affects workers and formulating clear policies on how the economy should be restructured in the interests of the working class;
  • To strive for a united working class regardless of race, tribe, place of origin, political opinions, colour, creed, gender, disability, age, class or any arbitrary ground;
  • To engage employers in order to promote and protect the interests of Union members through negotiations, consultations, mediation, and/or through industrial action in accordance with this Constitution and any legislative provisions governing engagement in industrial action in Botswana;
  • To build international working class solidarity by representing members and collaborating with other unions at national and international level;
  • To pursue any action which is in the interest of the Union and its members, provided that it is consistent with this Constitution;
  • Restructuring the economy to allow the creation of wealth to be democratically controlled and its fruits shared among the working class;
  • Advancing or opposing any law, action or policy of any authority or body affecting working class;
  • Facilitating and coordinating education and training of all workers so as to further the interests of the working class;
  • Conducting, coordinating and publishing research into matters affecting workers;

In relation to society in general;

  • To strive for economic, social, and political justice and equality in order to achieve prosperity for all;
  • To strive for equal access to quality public facilities and services by all regardless of race, tribe, place of origin, political opinions, colour. Creed, gender, disability, age, class or any arbitrary ground;
  • To reinforce and encourage progressive contact or form alliance with any community organization and/or social movement nationally or internationally for the advancement of social equity and security.


  • Solidarity Justice & Prosperity
  • Trustworthy, Reliable, disciplined and dedicated to the working class struggle
  • Independent, fearless and democratic Union
  • Transformative Union
  • Champion of working class democracy
  • Believes in working class power
  • Advocates worker control and unity of Working class


The political leadership of the Union is conferred with by the Central Executive Committee led by the President. The Union is led under the auspices of worker control, democracy with a culture of decisions processes that are membership centred and rudiments of criticism and self-criticism. The structures of the Union are Tri-ennial Congress, Annual General Meeting/Conference, Governing Council, Regional Shop Steward Council/Regional Congress, Branch General Meetings, and Local Shop Stewards Councils.

The Union possesses astute and shrewd management led by the Secretary General and assisted by Heads of Departments and Managers of subsidiary companies. The management is a team of dedicated, committed and inspired men and women who engineer the growth and prosperity of the Union as an organization. The organizational culture is hinged on continuous performance with meritocracy Employee, talent management, employee support and capacity building.


The investments of the Union are operated through MOKAULENGWE INVESTMENTS (Pty) Ltd which has subsidiaries such as Mokaulengwe Insurance Brokers, Mokaulengwe MicroFinance, Mokaulengwe Property Trust, Mokaulengwe SACCOS. The essential role and resolve of the Union Investments is captured succinctly by Mokaulengwe Investments slogan of “creating wealth for members”. The Investments of the Union are headed by the General Manager and assisted by Managers of subsidiaries under the direction of a Board of Directors with wide diversity of expertise and experience. There is an investment strategy running concurrently with Union strategic plan from 2018-2023 and reviewable mid period.


BLLAHWU is an organisation premised on effective international control measures, prudent management and good corporate Governance. To ascertain that, there is Union constitution, Code of Conduct, financial and accounting policy, Board Charter, clear process of due diligence in decision making, Risk and Compliance department. To that effect the Union operate through a budget, is disciplined in producing annual audits, submitting annual returns timeously, compliant with regulators, boost of proper records keeping and management, fulfilling obligations to all stakeholders and partners with believe in nurturing relationships and enhancing trust.

The Union has further internalised technological advancement on areas such as communication, records management, management processes and internal control measures.


BLLAHWU has established itself as the cradle of and torch bearer of progressive Labour politics in the international working class struggle. It is growing, dynamic and vibrant Union that allows itself to transform with trends while maintaining discipline and fidelity to the working class struggle. This is to be embraced through embracing of creativity and innovation.