Uniworld (Pty) Ltd, a Subsidiary of Mokaulengwe Investments, is introducing KLEIN, the Original true Botswana Brand, manufactured straight from raw materials, and not just another packaged product like many in the market, with exceptional quality meeting the required highest global standards attested to by its high viscosity, exquisite packaging, and quality ingredients. The first phase of the Detergent Manufacturing Plant has taken off the ground with the manufacturing of the Liquid Detergents. The first batch of production comprises combos of the Dish Washer, Fabric Softner, Surface Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Car Shampoo among other products. The Products are available at select stores and products will be available to Members on preferential prices on order upon unveiling of the Distribution Channel Strategy very soon. The Liquid Detergents production will be followed by Powder Detergents production shortly following full commissioning of the plant, positioning the Plant for full capacity production. Members are urged to take cognizance of their products and embark on a “Know Your Product” and “Buy BLLAHWU, Buy Botswana, Buy My Product” Campaign, This Campaign can be accelerated by Word of Mouth among Members to promote sales, marketing, and advertising of products. Support your products and guard them jealously.