Character of BLLAHWU

03 Feb, 2020


Botswana Land Boards Local Authorities and Health Workers Union (BLLAHWU) is a Union that organises in public service, parastatals and private sector. BLLAHWU is the cradle and torch bearer of progressive labour politics in Botswana , class consciousness & true red Trade Union hinged on radicalism , militancy and clear ideological orientation in unleashing working class agenda .

The character & agenda of BLLAHWU is to;

-Advance, protect, deepen workers’ rights and agitate for better conditions of service, workers friendly laws and pursuit of social justice

-Open, robust debates & Inner democracy

-Participatory democracy

-Democratic centralism

-Working class unity and solidarity

-Worker control

-Criticism and self-criticism

-Unity of workers struggle



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18 Jul, 2019

Government should commit to lifting the advertising ban that has crippled the development and growth of the media, which is critical for promotion and development of our democracy.

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Judgement on Collection of Additional Levies

24 Jan, 2019

Greetings Comrades,

Kindly be informed that there has been a judgement passed by Justice Garekwe delivered in open court on the  07th December 2018 as per the picture below.

Thank you

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BLLAHWU Heritage Day

13 Oct, 2018

BLLAHWU Heritage is an event where there shall be exhibition of diversity of culture in our country inclusive of showcasing of culture of Trade Union movement in an endeavor of displaying the inherent infusion of culture and human struggle.this event shall be held on the 13th of October 2018 , 1700hrs , Gaborone ,Tlotlo Hotel under the theme "Cultural influence on the struggle".

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