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BLLAHWU has established itself as the cradle of and torch bearer of progressive Labour politics in the international working class struggle. It is growing, dynamic and vibrant Union that allows itself to transform with trends while maintaining discipline and fidelity to the working class struggle. This is to be embraced through embracing of creativity and innovation.


The 10 Fundamental Principles of the Working Class Ideology

  1. Working Class Solidarity a. An injury to one is an injury to all. b. Organize the unorganized-every worker a Trade Union member c. International solidarity
  2. Independence of the working class a. Inherit Liberty and natural freedom, to engage on social, cultural economic political and scientific challenges, facing man/Woman not in workers in politics.
  3. Faith in democracy a. Popular participation in governance-Citizen/ Membership centered-more than just elections. b. Transparency
  4. Worker control a. Inner democracy within our Union b. Elect shop steward, workers leaders c. Accountability of leadership to members they represent.
  5. Selflessness and commitment a. Voluntary Service to our Union b. Provision of quality public service to the public.
  6. Botho a. Courtesy and discipline
  7. Social Justice a. Equitable distribution of wealth b. Human and workers right c. Workers obligation towards the poor and the oppressed d. Zero tolerance to corruption
  8. Universalisation of skills provision a. Early childhood development b. Lifelong education free and compulsory education c. Centrality of education with production, vocational, life skills.
  9. Full employment
  10. Culture, Sports and Recreation

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