1. We refer to the above captioned matter

2. It must be noted that overtime in the public service is regulated by Employment Act , and resolution no. 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) of negotiations of 2015/16 as concluded at Public Service Bargaining Council (PSBC).

3. It is the duty of the employer to pay employees for work done as per dictates of employment relations regulated by above stipulated legal and policy framework.

4. Sometime this week various Councils issued correspondences indicating that overtime of employees will be withheld or not paid.

5. This morning the team of Permanent Secretary To President Elias Magosi and Director of DPSM Naledi Mosalakatane narrated to the public that they are in negotiation with Unions regarding the non payment of employment at Local Government .

6. First the two were not telling the truth as there are no negotiations on the matter and they know it , infact there is no need for negotiations about the matter and they will be none.

7. The concerned employees have earned overtime and what remains is for the employer to pay them accordingly.

8. We have just called DPSM to relay our displeasure of publicly stating something that is not true , and we have given them an ultimatum that by end of business on Monday 11th May 2020, they should have withdrawn the stated savingram and caused for payment of concerned employees.

9. It is ruthless and barbaric to have employers who get employees to work and fail to pay them for work performed as overtime. This is seriously concerning as it is done by Government who is supposed to be the role model employer , and upholder of labour laws and policies . What we are witnessing here is clear slavery where employees perform work without accompanying compensation .

10. As a Union we have taken the matter and will follow appropriate channels to ensure the justice for employees . We will equally with the same tempo deal with employers who want to ill treat employees . As ruthless as they are to employees , we will start to be ruthless with such Employers and officials.

Yours in Solidarity, Justice & Prosperity

Ketlhalefile Motshegwa
Secretary General