The mighty and colossal Botswana Land Boards Local Authorities and Health Workers (BLLAHWU) held its AGM/Conference on the 2nd of December 2023, in Francistown under the theme “Strong and united towards working class power “.

The AGM received Presidential address from Cde Thatayaone Kesebonye , presentation of Executive Report by Secretary General Cde Ketlhalefile FC Motshegwa, Audited Financial statements by Treasurer General Cde Katlego Magogodi. The delegates went into Commissions for debates and made presentation facilitated and shaped resolutions for the union to continue to play a formidable role in industrial relations or members ‘s workplace matters to protect, advance and deepen workers’ rights and welfare , for enactment of labour friendly laws, strengthening of labour institutions and processes in particular promotion and protection of collective bargaining. Other resolutions are for the union to continue to participate in political economy as opposed to Trade Unionism that focus solely on bread-and-butter issues. For that BLLAHWU remain focused on the working-class ideology and agenda, and unity of workers.

BLLAHWU as a militant, radical, class-conscious union is the cradle and torch bearer of progressive labour politics in the Country and dubbed the “Labour Centre of revolutionary ideas and activism”. On administration BLLAHWU pride itself as hinged on good governance depicted by effective leadership, responsibility, transparency and accountability which emanate from the Union ‘s principles of worker control, membership centred, open and robust debates, criticism & self-criticism and democratic centralism.