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The purpose of this brief is to sensitize and give you a brief insight to the  journey of Botswana Unified Local Government Servants Association (BULGSA) till it underwent the process of name change to Botswana Land Boards and Local Authorities Workers Union (BLLAWU).  However this brief would not give a day by day account or history, but will pick some triumphant and painful moments in the life of BULGSA.

At first it was Bechuanaland Junior Tribal Employees Association which was registered before independence and later transformed into a Union sometimes in 1970 but duly registered as Botswana Local Government workers union on the 15th January 1971 under Trade union Act 24 of 1969. Things changed again when Government prohibited public servants to form Unions and this change of events saw the Botswana Local Government Workers union giving birth to Botswana Unified Local Government Service Association in 1974 under ULGS Act and now is Botswana Land Boards and Local Authorities Workers Union (BLLAWU).



  • 1974 BULGSA formed in line with the ULGS Act.
  • 994 BULGSA Women’s Wing was formed at the Annual General Conference held in Serowe.
  • 1996 BULGSA took Botswana Government to court over a directive barring Chief Executives from becoming its members and won.
  •  BULGSA continued to advocate for equal treatment and recognition with their counterparts at Central Government.
  •  1999 BULGSA HIV/AIDS charter was developed
  •  1999 BULGSA developed its first vision document (Vision 2004 which was helped transform and gave birth to the Regions etc)
  •  2000 BULGSA first march in Jwaneng and the launch of the BULGSA HIV/AIDS Charter, which was officially opened by the Minister of Health Joy Phumaphi.
  •  2000 at Letlhakane BULGSA passed a resolution establishing regions.
  •  2001 BULGSA strategically took a radical and aggressive self introspection (belief in turning words into action and be practical).
  •  2002 President Mogae pressured to announce an impending signing of Bill to allow association to become unions in line with ILO conventions 87,98 and 151.
  •  2003 BULGSA adopted the BULGSA Accounting Policy.
  •  2003 Comrade Gabotsoswe Lebitsa resigning from DGLSM employment.
  •  2003 Vice President David Kanje took over as President.
  •  2004 Chief Justice Nganunu overturned an earlier ruling in favour of BULGSA by Judge Sidney Pilane on BULGSA meaningful representation in the job evaluation.
  •  2004 BULGSA Vice President Mogakolodi Mokalake took over as President.
  •  2004 BULGSA during its 30th anniversary AGC in Ghanzi resolved to become a union.
  •  2004 BULGS adopted a Working Class Ideology as its guiding principle.
  •  2004 Comrade Pelotshweu Baeng elected President
  •  2005 BULGSA administrative office starts to operate.
  •  2005 BULGSA former President Comrade Mogakolodi Mokalake passing away.
  •  2005 BULGSA adopted new colours and flag or red, black and gold.
  •  2005 BULGSA added a solidarity call to its slogan of Service and development
  •  2005 BULGSA signed the Mafikeng Accord with the South African Municipal Workers Union.
  •  2005 BULGSA Member Funeral Fund started.
  •  2006 Comrade Baeng re-elected President.
  •  2006 BULGSA completed and adopted a BLLAWU constitution for registration.
  •  following the 2006 AGC resolution that upon registration a mini conference be called in April 2007 the Governing Council and Mini conference were postponed due to the delay in the registration process thus the need to call thus leading to the call of this Special Governing Council.
  •  2007 Ground breaking ceremony for the BULGSA Headquarters by the Ministers of Local Government (Dr Margaret Nasha) and Lands and Housing Ndelu Seretse.
  •  2007 BULGSA issued a certificate of registration as a union.
  •  The Governing Council of 7/7/07 to adopt and transfer all the existing BULGSA structures (their functions and powers), policies, assets to BLLAWU.
  •  The Governing Council to launch BLLAWU pending the dissolution of BULGSA at the BULGSA 33rd AGC, which will also be the 1st BLLAWU Annual General Conference.